Sunday, March 31, 2013

Behind the Scenes

I'm not one who reads my horoscope, but it crossed my path today and was a perfect way to start my next post.

ARIES: You're making plenty of behind-the-scenes plans to make imporovements to your future.

How PERFECT!   For the past several weeks, I have been busy working behind-the-scenes, making great improvements to my future.

First, I finally took my HypnoBirthing Practictioner class.  It was intense but so much fun.  It was a great group of women with very different personalities, all coming with different lifestyles and backgrounds.  Our teacher was passionate about birthing, and it fueled my own passion.  I am in the process of completing the required tests to earn my certification.  While I wait those results, I've been told that I can teach 3 families HypnoBirthing!  So all I need to do now is build my website, print business cards and brochures, get the word out, and get going!  Whew!  I's alot!

Learning hypnosis was a lot of fun!  We spent 4 days being hypnotized and hypnotizing each other.  There are alot of misconceptions about hypnosis.  First of all if you don't want to be hypnotized, no one can hypnotize you.  Did you know that?  All hypnosis is self hypnosis.  Hypnosis is a wonderful tool to help with issues like smoking cessation, weight loss, anxiety, and birthing!  Using hypnosis for birthing allows Mom to relax in a deepened state, which allows her body to be free of the stress that causes pain.  This allows for a natural, calm, and comfortable birth.  It really works, and I can't wait to teach couples how to use it to have the birth of their dreams. 

School has been pretty challenging lately.  I only have 5 classes left until have earned my degree!  I'm so excited and super proud of the 4.0 GPA I've earned so far.  I hope to be able to incorporate some of this new knowlege in my new career.  What I am most excited about is how I have incorporated my new knowlege into my own life.  It is my belief that the mind is the most powerful tool that we have.  I have made up my mind to get healthy!

As you know, about 3 months ago I requested my doctor take me off most of my medication.  It was pretty rough going there for about 6 weeks.  My stomach did not know how to process all of what was going though it, but we survived!  In the past 3 weeks I have begun to feel stronger!  I'm not as tired.  I couldn't get through a day without at least one nap.  I couldn't be on my feet for more than a little while, then I had to rest just to be able to go a few minutes more.  They gave me a handicap sticker for my car just a few months ago because my hips were in such bad shape.   I couldn't dry my own hair because I couldn't hold my arms above my head.  I haven't played tennis is 10 years.  I haven't bowled in almost 6 years.  I haven't worked in almost 3.  I have trouble doing anything with my hands like crocheting or playing the piano.  I've had my challenges. BUT...

In the past 3 weeks, I played tennis.  I curled my hair.  I worked for several hours on a blanket I've been cross stitching for my  Benjamin.   I went to the gym this week and worked with a personal trainer!  I stood on my feet all day yesterday while entertaining my wonderful family, which included cooking for 22, and  today I played 18 holes of regulation golf!   I'm a bit tired, but on top of the world!  I feel like a whole new person.  I attribute this to good diet habits (if you don't count the pizza I'm paying a huge price for eating right now).  I'm drinking enough water.  I'm getting good sleep and taking my supplements.  I'm keeping a positive attitude and simply willing myself well.

I'm working behind-the-scenes,  making improvements to my future.....

Won't you come along for the ride???                      

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  1. I am SO inspired right now!! Thank you for this motivation. I needed it! You look FANTASTIC!!! I'm so proud of you. I hope when I grow up I can be like you. :)